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The Saem Natural Daily Original Mask

Brand: The Saem | Code:1502331988 | Weight:100g
The Saem, Natural, Daily, Original, Mask
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[2017 NEW] The Saem Natural Daily Original Mask

▶ Manufacturing company:Korea Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

▶ Place of origin:Korea

▶ Internal capacity :100g

(1) Coffee Mask

▶ Main component

Coffee powder(30,000 ppm), Coffee extract(10,000 ppm), Palmitic acid, Cacao extract, Cacao seed butter,
    Macadamia seed oil, Black sugar extract, Milk protein extract, Oat wheat kernel extract, Shea butter, Shea butter extract

* Wake up my skin, Coffee Break

   With its charming fragrance and rich flavor, the world's most beloved tea, Coffee.

   Coffee contains more polyphenols than green tea, pomegranate, vitamins C and E, giving your skin elasticity and smoothness.

   Also, coffee is rich in caffeine, which is water-soluble and helps to soothe skin while providing deep moisture to the skin.
   (The above is limited to raw material characteristics)

▶ Product Description

:It is a clean daily coffee mask that contains a deep and delicate fragrance of coffee powder and coffee extract to smooth out

   rough skin texture and the kaolin ingredient adsorbs sebum and focuses on pore problems.


▶ Product features


1. Daily Mask with plenty of fragrant of coffee

    Contains real coffee powder and coffee extracts rich in caffeine, croogenic acid, niacin, potassium, etc.

    Helps maintain healthy and smooth skin and help with pore care and skin calming.

2. Smooth skin texture of natural coffee scrub

    It is an environmentally friendly product that uses natural soft coffee ground powder as a scrub

    and provides skin nourishment while exfoliating.

3. Clay formulation that soft, moist and does not dry

    Contains more than 20% of moisturizing ingredients and does not dry out, so it can used to the dry skin easily.

    It gives moisture to your skin while keeping your keratin and pores clean.

▶ how to use

1. After cleansing, take an appropriate amount on a clean face without water and spread it over the face avoiding eyes and mouth.

2. After 5-10 minutes, lightly roll with your fingers and rinse with the area where the pore and blackhead are distressed.
     (Recommended to use once or twice a week)

* The Natural Daily Original Coffee Mask is made from natural ingredients (coffee bean powder) and clay, so there may be color or size variation.

(2) Rose Mask

▶ Internal capacity :100g

▶ Main component

Damask rose flower water(10,000 ppm), Rose pollen(7,000 ppm), Rosehip fruit extract, Mulberry seed extract, Lavender extract, 
   Jasmine extract, Rosemary extract, Sciadopitys verticillata root extract, Purslane extract

* Flower of Enchanting Love, Damask Rose

   A rose known as a flower of love that attracts men with a dark scent and fascinating appearance.
   The roses calm the skin and give you a rich feeling of hydration to deliver mild moisturizers to all skin types.

   Especially rich in vitamins A and C, makes your skin clean and beautiful.

   It also protects the skin, helping to dry skin barrier care and helps to make healthy skin.

   (The above is limited to raw material characteristics)

▶ Product Description

:It is a moisture-filled Daily Rose Mask that contains fragrant French rose petals and Damask rose water that give your skin moisture

   and contains Rosehip Fruit Extract, which is rich in vitamin C that give your skin a vitality.

▶ Product features

1. Daily Mask with lots of real roses


    Contains real rose petals and rose water to deliver rich moisturizing and nutrients to the skin,

    refreshing the dull skin to create clear, clean skin tone.

2. Low-carbon eco-friendly method to deliver the efficacy of fresh roses

    The naturally derived moisturizing ingredient of roses is produced by low-carbon eco-friendly technology,

    has fewer active ingredients destruction and is skin-friendly by skin care formula.

3. Highly moisturizing formulation with elasticity and adhesion

    The gel texture of high moisturizing formulation sticks to the skin and keeps it moist for a long time even after wash off,

    and any skin type can be used freely.

▶ how to use

1. After cleansing, take an appropriate amount on a clean face without water and spread it over the face avoiding eyes and mouth.

2. After 5 to 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

* The Natural Daily Original Rose Mask is made from natural ingredients (Rose petals), so there may be color or size variation.


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