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★★★ NOTICE of currently shipping status (DHL / EMS / K-Packet) ★★★
  • 작성자 : 김서현
  • 작성일 : 2020-02-28 00:00:00

▼ All K-Packet(Registered Airmail) / EMS Service

The K-Packet/EMS service have a serious delay than usual.
Because the flight schedule is unusual due to COVID-19
→ It takes more than a month to ship. Especially K-packet takes longer.

1. Drastic reduced flight schedules
2. A
 decrease in the number of working people at airports in each country.


▼ K-Packet /EMS : Suspended Country

If you can't see your country when choosing a delivery method(EMS or K-Packet) at the order step,
it is currently impossible to ship to your country due to COVID-19's spread

For customers in countries where EMS and K-Packets are not available, please select DHL.

DHL shipping is available in most countries.

※ Some countries cannot ship by DHL. Due to customs policy issues, such as customs clearance, etc.

▼ K-Packet /EMS : Country-specific Notice

* Delivery delayed more than usual

Customs clearance is being delayed due to lack of manpower and increased shipments.
* Especially where the delay is severe:  NYC, CHI

Hawaii is not available to ship now ※  (Honolulu X)

[Areas that are delayed for more than a month : New York / Zip code: 001XX ~ 399XX]
Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia
Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Atlanta
NewHampshire, NewJersy, NewYork, North Carolina, Pennsylvania
Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia
West Virginia, Washington D.C

Only Manila & Luzon Island (only available certain zip code's areas)
[Available Zip code]
Manila: 1 ~

Luzon: 25~,29~,33~,36~,38~,40~,48~,49~,51~,52~
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