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[2018 NEW] Daily Skin Real Natural Grapefruit Milk Soap & Face and Body Cleansing Gloves Set

Brand: Daily Skin | Code:1517886337 | Weight:[Soap] 100g/[Gloves] 1EA
[2018 NEW], Daily, Skin, Real, Natural, Grapefruit, Milk, Soap, &, Face, and, Body, Cleansing, Gloves, Set
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[2018 NEW] Daily Skin Real Natural Grapefruit Milk Soap & Face and Body Cleansing Gloves Set



1. Daily Skin Real Natural Grapefruit Milk Soap


▶ Manufacturing company : Hanbit Korea Co., Ltd.


▶ Place of origin:Korea


▶ Internal capacity : 100g


▶ Main ingredieints



 : Grapefruit extract, Milk protein extract, Honey extract, Red chokeberry extract, Jojoba seed oil, Olive oil


* It contains grapefruit extract and help exfoliate and hydrate without irritation at the same time.

* Vitamin C in grapefruit gently removes dead skin cells from the dry skin, making the skin smooth and moist even after taking a shower.

▶ Product Description


 : Are you worried about the dead skin cells on your skin? This is all you need! Care gently the dead skin cells every day!
    Full of freshness! Grapefruit Milk Soap


※ Why should we remove dead skin cells?


 : It returns the regeneration cycle of the skin that was blocked by dead skin cells, and lifts the newly generated cell upwards

    to keep the skin smooth and bright!


▶ Before & After



 : Cellulose and Red Chalkberry ingredients in Grapefruit Milk Soap help remove dead skin cells and wastes.



1. Foam Test



 : A refreshing shower with a milk foam with a refreshing grapefruit scent!


    Plenty of bubbles gently wash away all the dead skin cells and wastes of your body.
    Try cleansing using Face & Body Cleansing Gloves!



2. Moisturizing Test



 : Keeps your skin moisturized even after showering.


    Care mildly with Grapefruit Milk Soap!
    Even after showering, natural ingredients make the skin smooth and moist.


▶ Use Tip


1. Can be used for the whole body. (It solves the problems about dead skin cells and wastes!)



2. Various Use Tip


(1) Please rub directly on areas where you want intensive care!



(2) Using with foam net!



(3) Using with Face & Body Cleansing Gloves!




2. Face and Body Cleansing Gloves


▶ Manufacturing company : Hanbit Korea Co., Ltd.


▶ Place of origin:Korea


▶ Internal capacity : 1EA


▶ Size : 8*12/11*19


▶ Materials


 : Rayon, Polyester


▶ Product Description


 : Daily cleansing meticulously by body parts! Face and Body Cleansing Gloves


▶ Product Features



1. Made of a soft fiber texture, it is possible to do irritation-free cleansing.


2. It cleanses the skin by removing dead skin cells and wastes.


3. It can be removed easily without rubbing the skin too hard.


* You can check the dead skin cells on the water directly!



* Use with Grapefruit Milk Soap is recommended!


* If you use a body wash, your skin will be slippery and you will not remove enough dead skin cells.
   Please use with soap products!



▶ How to use


1. Face Cleansing Gloves



(1) Wash your face lightly with water.


(2) After wearing gloves, soak in water, then take enough of the grapefruit milk soap bubbles.


(3) Gently rub your face and rinse.


2. Body Cleansing Gloves



(1) After soaking the body in water, wear gloves and soak in water.


(2) If you take enough of the Grapefruit Milk Soap bubbles to the gloves and rub gently,

      the dead skin cells are disintegrated and permeates through the gloves.


(3) Wash your body thoroughly and rinse the used gloves with water.









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