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Internet shopping "Beauty Korea mall" Terms of Service

Article 1 (Purpose)
These Terms and Conditions are available at Beauty Korea Ltd. (e-commerce company) operated by Beauty Korea mall (hereinafter referred to as the "Mall")
You're utilizing Internet-related services (hereinafter "Service") is a right-of cyber mall and users
To the free and responsibilities for the purpose of setting forth.

"Mobile, for the e-commerce, etc. using a wireless
Unless contrary to its nature must comply with these Terms and Conditions "

Article 2 (Definitions)
① "Mall" means the goods or services Beauty Korea Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "goods such as" means) using a computer, such as information and communication equipment in order to provide users of the virtual set to deal with such goods
Refers to the space.
By means of a carrier that operates the cyber mall is also used.

② "User" means in accordance with these terms and conditions by accessing the "mall" "mall"
Refers to receive the services provided by members and non-members.

③ as a 'member' means the one you register and provide personal information in the "mall" Now, "Mall" receives continue to provide information on, "mall"
Says that can continue to take advantage of the services provided by characters.

④ 'non-member' means a member does not subscribe to the "mall" is provided by
Says who uses the service.
Article 3 (provision and changes in service)
① "Mall" will perform the following tasks.
1. Conclusion of information and purchase agreement for the goods or services
2. The purchase agreement was signed for delivery of goods or services
3. Other "mall" is determined by business

② "mall" in contracts entered into in the future, such as in the case of a change in the technical specifications for the goods or services sold or
By the right to change the contents of the goods or services to be provided.

③ "mall" in the technical specifications of goods sold or the contents of this contracted to provide services and users
If you want to change for reasons such changes must be notified immediately to address the reasons for possible notification to the user.

Article 4 (subscription)
① Users by the intention to agree to these terms then fill in the membership information in accordance with the subscription form designated by the "Mall" to apply for membership.

② "Mall" to register as a member of the following items that do not correspond to users that have applied to join as a member of paragraph 1.
1. The applicant has previously by the fifth paragraph 3 of these Terms and Conditions
If you have lost your membership, but membership reactivation of Article 5 (3) Loss of membership after a three-year term as party lapse "mall"
If you obtain the consent shall be the exception.
2.In the registration information, false information, omission,
3. If it is determined that the workmanship that significantly interfere with the "mall" to register as a member

③ Members established period of subscription agreement is reached by the time of acceptance to the members of the "mall

Article 5 (Withdrawal and Disqualification
① Members can request a withdrawal at any time by the "mall" "mall" Withdrawal processed immediately.

② Members in this case for the reasons of the following cases, the "mall" can limit and stop the membership.
1. If you have registered with us false information when registering
2. interfere with the "mall" The use of another person or to threats such as e-commerce in order to steal the information
3. The "mall" laws or these Terms and Conditions or if you are using a prohibited act contrary to public order

③ After the "mall" stop-limit membership which,
If the same act which does not repeat the reasons within 30 days or 2 times or more corrective "Mall" can lose their membership.

④ "mall" is to lose your membership, you will erase the register.
Notify this case, members, member registration cancellation will give the opportunity to appointed before calling a minimum of 30 days.

Article 6 (Notification to Members)

① "Mall" If you notice about this member,
A member of the e-mail address can be specified in advance by agreement with the "mall".
② "mall" in the case of notification for unspecified member
More than a week by posting the "Mall" can replace individual notice board.
However, with respect to the member's transactions to individual notification requirements for significant impact.
③ individual case there is no answer within 10 days after notification when it is determined to have accepted again be notified to proceed individually in the "mall" and proceed to choose the way if you do not ask for the goods to its members.

Article 7 (Purchase Request)
mall user and application to purchase by following or a similar method on the "mall", "Mall" shall provide the following information for each user in an easy-to-understand as a purchase with us. However, if you are a member, you can exclude the No. 2 to the 4th issue applies.

1. Search and selection of goods
2. Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address (or mobile phone number), enter such
3. The terms and conditions, the verification of the information relating to the cost of shipping, etc.
4. agree to these terms and to confirm or deny the above 3. matters (eg, a mouse click)
5. The confirmation of the purchase agreement for the application and confirmation in this regard or "mall" of goods
6. Select a payment method

Article 8 (Conclusion of Contract)
① "Mall" can not be accepted if the following requirements with respect to the purchase request.

1. False, if there is omission
2. If it is determined that the "mall" Technology that significantly interfere with us permission to buy

② "Mall" gesture of acceptance of, it is necessary to include information regarding the availability and sales confirmation, correction cancellation of purchase apply to the purchase of the user application.

Article 9 (Payment Method)
How to purchase the goods or payment for services from the Mall is only available in the way of how each of the following.

1. The phone banking, internet banking, wire transfer, such as various mail-banking
2. The pre-paid cards, debit cards, credit cards, including various card payment
3. Online Bank transfer
4. Payment by electronic money
5. mileage such as "mall" payment to be paid by one point
6. "mall" and signed a contract, or "mall" payment vouchers approved by
7. Payment by other electronic payment methods

Article 10 (supply of goods)

① "Mall" is about the supply time, such as users and goods
There is no longer a separate agreement, the user is from the date of subscription
Order within 7 days to ship the goods, such as, production,
Packaging and take other necessary measures.
The "Mall" appropriate measures so that the user can see the loading process and progress of such goods.
Article 11 (refund)

Mall is offering because of the application, such as a user purchases goods sold
When you can not notify the reason to the user without delay
Refund or take the necessary measures in accordance with the shortage and other reasons.
Article 12 (cancellation, etc.)
① Users for products purchased from the "mall" may at any time for a refund or exchange.
② Users are case after the delivery of such goods
If the following cases a return or exchange
You can not.
1. If the damaged goods and the like reason a liability to the user (but undermined the packaging, in order to verify the contents of goods
If you can withdraw an offer)
2. If the value of goods by the use or consumption of some users is significantly reduced
3. so difficult re-sold by the passage of time
If the value of goods is significantly reduced
4. If such goods are replicated with the same performance as
If undermined its original packaging, including the good
Article 13 (Effect of cancellation, etc.)

① "Mall" if the returned goods, etc. from a user, you will refund immediately.

② "Mall" stop the payment of claims of goods allows the operators provided by the user in the above refund the payment as a credit card or electronic cash payment when a relevant payment without delay in payment of goods, such as or ask them to cancel.

③ In case of cancellation, etc. required for the return of goods such as that received
The cost will be borne by the user. (Shipping)
However, the cost of goods required for the return of goods if the content is implemented differently from labeling and advertising information false or agreement that the returned product must bear "mall".

Article 14 (reserve and coupons Regulation)

① Members may earn somewhat different than when purchasing goods and services from the "mall".

② reserve in accordance with the payment method and payment, membership levels
You can earn discounts in accordance with such standards and earned its contents are subject to change.
③ can be used to add up the reserve as cash, credit cards.
④ refund if the item you purchased using the reserves and then returned and will be treated coupons and coupon with the exception of the reserve.
⑤ reserves and coupons are not transferable to another person.
Article 15 (Privacy)
① "Mall" is required for the purchase contract when collecting information for users
Collect the minimum information. And the following items as required and other details are optional.
1. Name
2. Address
3. Phone
4. Hope ID (for members)
5. Password (for members)
6. The e-mail address (or mobile phone number)

② "Mall" must receive the consent of the user when collecting personal information of a user's personally identifiable.

③ personal information provided may not be used except as needed for the supply of goods without the consent of the user. However, with the exception of the following cases.

1. Shipping courier mission for the minimum information necessary for the delivery, if that tells the user (name, address, phone number)
2. The statistics, if you provide a form that can not identify a specific individual as when necessary for academic research or market research
3. If you need cash for settlement in accordance with the transaction of goods
4. If you need to verify your identity in order to prevent theft
5. If there are unavoidable reasons required by law, regulation or legal

④ "Mall" is the second term and if you need the consent of the user by paragraph 3, the identity of a personal information manager (position, name and phone number, and other contact information), data collection we use a third provide information on party matters (who have been offered, provided the purpose and content of the information to be provided), or such notice must specify in advance, and the user can withdraw this consent at any time.

⑤ Users may at any time, the "mall" may request to see and correction of personal information about themselves and to have the "mall" is obliged to take the necessary measures without delay about it. If the user needs to correct the error, the "mall" does not use the personal information until it corrects the error.

Article 16 (Obligation of the "Mall")
① "Mall" is not prohibited or contrary to the laws and the terms and conditions of social order
Do not act consistently and in accordance with these terms and conditions prescribed by the bar, you will need to do our best to provide the goods and services reliably.

② "Mall" users to securely access the Internet Services
User's personal information to (including credit information), you must have a security system for protection.

③ "Mall" does not send e-mail advertising for commercial purposes User does not want.

Article 17 (ID and password for the obligations of Members)
① on the ID and password, except where Article 15
Management is the responsibility of the members.

② Members own ID and password
If you feel that a third party.

③ Members have stolen your ID and password,
If other people have learned to use and that you must take action immediately to notify the mall.

Article 18 (Obligation of Users)
The user should not these acts.
1. Register false information when applying or changing
2. Theft of others
3. Change the information posted on the "mall"
4. "mall" information other than the specified information (such as computer programs), such as sending or posting
5. "mall" and other third-party copyright infringement on intellectual property rights
6. "mall" and other third-party damage the honor or the act of disrupting
7. obscene or violent messages, pictures, audio and social order in
An act contrary to the public or to publish information on the Mall

Article 19 (possession and use restrictions of copyright)

① "Mall" is the copyright and other intellectual property rights in the written work is attributed to the "mall".

② Users can "drive" to the information of the "Mall" intellectual property belonging to the information obtained by using the "Mall" reproduced without the prior approval of, transmit, publish, distribute, use for commercial purposes by broadcasting or other means third should not be available to the parties.

③ "mall" must notify the user concerned if you use the copyrights belong to the user according to the agreement.

Article 20 (Dispute Resolution)
① "Mall" is committed to reflecting fair opinions or complaints raised by users and processes compensate for the damage that the publishing process to ensure that all users know, depending on the content, so the user is notified in advance to wear additional damage The prevention.

Privacy Policy

1. How to entry and collection of personal information we collect
Beauty Korea will join, and collect the following personal information for non-purchase counseling, prevention of the use of such defects.

2. The purpose of the collection and use of personal information
Beauty Korea will utilize the collected personal information for the following purposes.

1. In accordance with the contract and service charges on settlement services, content delivery, purchasing and billing, sent items, such as delivery or billing, financial transactions, identity authentication and Financial Services
2. Member Management
Make yourself according to the membership service, personal identification, illegal use prevention and unauthorized use prevention of defective member, join doctors confirm, age verification, such as complaints handling complaints, notices delivered
3. Build your marketing and advertising
Events such as advertising information delivery, access frequency statistics for the membership of understanding or services

3. Retention of personal information and use duration
Beauty Korea after the collection and use of personal information, in principle, the purpose has been achieved without delay to destroy that information. However, the Law and the confirmation of transaction-related administrative duties related as follows in accordance with the provisions of such laws and regulations "Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce" two euros if you need to hold a certain period of time, you should retain a certain period of time.
- Cancellation of the contract or record concerning: five years (Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce)
- Records of payments and the supply of goods: 5 years (Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce)
- Records of the handling of consumer complaints and disputes: 3 years (Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce)
- Records of the identity verification: 6 months (the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection)
- Record of the visit (log): 3 months (Communications Privacy Act)

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