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ARITAUM Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask

by ebi***2020-09-25
I was debating between this product and the renowned Laneige lip mask but I went with this because I'm trying to minimize strong fragrances in my products. The product arrived sealed in a plastic jar and the balm is quite hard and solid. I had to run my finger over it a few times just so the heat can 'melt' it down. I used my finger to apply it to my chapped lips and the balm gives it a slight stickiness. There is also a slight citrusy scent, which is surprising because I thought it was supposed to be ginger but the scent is not overpowering and quite soothing for me. When I wake up, my lips are still moisturized. Overall a great value for the amount of product you get.

Rom&nd Zero Matte Lipstick

by ebi***2020-09-25
There was a sale and I purchased Sweet Pea which is a very nice pink lipstick with purple tones. The lipstick glides on so smoothly even when I have chapped lips and the colour is very nice. I would definitely repurchase again with a different shade, maybe one with a red tone. Romand lip products never disappoint.

[RENEWAL] ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher

by mpy***2020-09-21
These blushes are a classic line from Etude House and there is a reason why. The colors of the blushes are amazing in how they finish the makeup look. I have 5 shades so far and plan to get more for different looks. I love the quality and the price is also very cheap. The chart does a great job in describing the tones of the blushes so if you plan to get these, look at the chart and get the shades that would suit you the most.


by mpy***2020-09-21
First the packaging is so cute. I purchased the color Red Drop and Soft Pool since I already had the other colors in the regular packaging. Red drop, as mentioned, is a classic red, unfortunately, it doesn't look good on me so I gave it to my sister, it looks fantastic on her. The soft pool color on the other hand, OMG it is so pretty and gives a different vibe to any other colors. I am currently only using this color right now. If you're going to buy a shade or two, get Rose Splash or Soft Pool.

rom&nd NEONMOON Better Than Cheek

by mpy***2020-09-21
I got the shades 1 and 2. These blushes are very milky. What I mean by that, the colors are very pastel in a way. The two shades that I purchased are the warm tones. Like all Romand blushes, it gives a blurring effect on the cheeks and looks natural to an instant. I loved this collaboration with Neon Moon and the packaging is to die for.

rom&nd NEONMOON Zero cushion 3COLOR

by mpy***2020-09-21
I was very impressed with this cushion foundation. Like its name, it feels like you don't have anything on your face yet this cushion does an amazing job in covering up pores and blemishes. I got the shades 2 and 3, the 3 is a perfect match for my skin but if I want a brighter look, I can even pull off 2. Will continue to by more of this foundation.


by mpy***2020-09-21
The colors are very subtle. This gives a no-makeup look when applied gently. The glitters that it comes with is beautiful when applied on the lower lash line. Overall pretty palette but if you want a palette that is very pigmented then this palette might be too natural. I am a makeup collector so this was a beautiful palette to add to my collection.

Missha Palette Paint Liner

by mpy***2020-09-20
I bought the brown color. This liner does not smudge once it is fixed on the eyes. It's very forgiving to mistakes and can be easily fixed. But as I said, once the liner sets, you don't have to worry about it smudging anywhere. The brush that comes with the liner is also very useful and overall I was very impressed with the item.

ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher

by mpy***2020-09-20
I bought the pink brownie color. The color looks so good as a daily rosy makeup. The blush is very finely milled and gives a blurred look on the cheeks. The color is a bit of a dark rosy tone. If you want a romantic look apply this blush around the outer cheek area and you can achieve that look.

APIEU Juicy Pang Mousse Tint [Dried Fruit Edition]

by fox***2020-09-13
I am in love with this lip tint. The texture is amazing I love it the texture and effect is so pretty. I love it the how is so easy to provide the gradient effect without too much effect. In the video, I show how this look on my lips in a full lips effect but in that way I guess is more easy to notice this wonderful color. I must confess I want to try all the shades in this line.

The effect is long-lasting but of course, is gonna fall If you eat a lot or drink a lot but If you only drink sincerely this lip tint doesn´t fall so easily. Another great point is the fact that this is falling very subtle and cute so is not like other lip tints that make the lips look chapped and dry (please not I already have dry lips this is great because the effect is not matte is rich and healthy is exactly how I want that my lips look all the time. I was worried that this lip tint could make my lips look dry, and by the way, I didn´t use any product before applying this lip tint which makes this review better because If apply lip balm obviously that changes the effect.

MERZY Aurora Dewy Tint

by che***2020-09-11
I got 4 shades. The texture of these is very moisturizing feels similar to the apieu juicy pang tint on the lips. As you let the product sit on your lips for longer it gets shinier like the romand glasting water tints but the texture is thicker than that of romand. The colours are all super pretty but DT2 makes my lips look like a pinkier MLBB


by che***2020-09-11
The cream itself has a light purple tint to it so it brightens up your skin. It is decently moisturizing as well but may not be enough if your skin is super dry. The cream made my skin really soft and when applying my foundation on top looked much smoother


by che***2020-09-11
I really like this. It gives off a super natural blush and can be built up, however its easy to go overboard so make sure you dont accidentally press the puff too hard into the product. It was super easy to blend out as well

Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser

by blu***2020-09-11
My holy grail cleanser. It was the very first one I tried and I keep repurchasing it. Really cleans and makes my skin feel refreshed. It also has helped even out the color of my skin, has cleared my skin of the acne I had and keep it at bay. Smells wonderful. It has lasted for me for about three months since not much is needed to be used. I highly recommend trying this product out.


by blu***2020-09-11
3CE is my second favorite brand for lippie formulas. I have bought all of the shades from this collection except Macaron Red and Needful. I love all of the shades I bought and find that they look really good on me. I like that the lip tint shades are a muted bright colors that can be used for any time of the year. This lip tint is very comfortable on the lips, it is not drying, very light weight(can barely feel it on the lips), it lasts for couple of hours, stains the lips a bit, and gives a nice blurred effect on the lips without settling on the cracks. The wand is very easy to use as it is wide but has a point which helps control. A lot of the product comes out so I find it easier to wipe a little away on the tube and then apply it on the lips. Overall it is a great product.

APIUE Icing Sweet Bar Sheet Mask 3EA

by blu***2020-09-11
I absolutely love this face sheet mask from this brand. I have tried all of the different types and find that my favorite type is the pineapple one. All are very moisturizing and hydrating and smells wonderful. I highly recommend giving these face sheet masks a chance.

APIEU Milk One Pack(5EA)

by blu***2020-09-11
I have bought the different types of this face sheet mask and so far my absolute favorite has been the banana. All of them are very moisturizing and soothing for the skin. I have combination skin and this face sheet mask has helped keep my skin well hydrated. All of the masks smell wonderful. Highly recommend this face sheet mask.

APIEU Super Protein Hair Essence

by blu***2020-09-11
Really enjoy using this hair essence. I have straight hair but humidity makes it frizzy and this hair essence has helped with that. This hair essence has helped my hair be softer, smoother, silkier, and shinier. I highly recommend especially for damaged hair.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye&Face Ball

by blu***2020-09-11
I have been using this eye cream for my morning routine and it has helped my eyes feel refreshed. I do not have to use eye drops as much because this cream has helped for my eyes to feel hydrated as well. Highly recommend.

LANEIGE Cream Skin Refiner

by blu***2020-09-11
Really love this cream from Laneige. I use it al year round either morning or evening or both. I have combination skin and this cream has helped me a lot. It is very moisturizing and calms my skin. I highly recommend this cream.