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9wishes Hydra Skin Ampule Serum

by Sal***2020-07-09
very hydrating!! i have extremely dry and sensitive skin, especially during the winter, and this ampoule has helped with my flaky skin. the price is good too! highly recommend.

ARITAUM Matte Formular Brow Auto Pencil

by aka***2020-07-07
i love this brow pencil so much! i couldn't find it on any other websites. i was so lucky to find it here. i bought 2 dark brown and 2 brown because i love it so much. it is not too harsh and it's not chalky.

[1+1] MISSHA Velvet Finish Cushion (SPF50+/PA+++)

by aka***2020-07-07
i love missha cushions which is why i bought this. it's nice that it was a 1+1 deal because it's basically a refill. The texture of this cushion is very thick. the coverage is really nice because of that.

CLIO [TWINKLE POP] Jelly Glitter

by aka***2020-07-05
the glitter is really nice. it is a jelly consistency, but it is really pretty. the pot is a little smaller than i was expecting.

EGLIPS Water Glaze Tint

by lol***2020-06-30
It's a moist and glossy gloss. After applying it, my lips feel voluminous and make it not dry. The color is also transparent, so it can apply naturally. I can put this on after applying another lip color♥

ETUDE HOUSE Tsum Tsum Lovely Cookie Blusher

by lin***2020-06-30
It's a cute size that you can carry around lightly in a cute character case!
I bought Grape fruits Jelly and Peach Vanilla Cream colors, and they are pretty because they brighten my face.
I'm planning to buy more in other colors :D

The Saem Power Ampoule Vita White

by yen***2020-06-18
After using vitamin C for a while, my skin turned white, brown spots faded. I use vitamin C for both day and night. Good product. Thank you so much.


by yen***2020-06-17
My skin whitened day by day, completely gone, wrinkles on the skin gradually decreased. I feel that my skin is less dry than before, or my oily skin is also reduced. Good product thank you very much.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask 15ml

by yen***2020-06-17
My sister's skin got better after a week of using a sleeping mask. The skin is soft and smooth, the pores are smaller, less oily. Thank you very much. Very good product.


by aka***2020-06-11
it is a very thick mousse texture. i got br402. the color is not bad, but it is a lot more bricky then i expected. overall a good lip product though. can be a little drying on the lips.

[Season4] Centellian24 Madeca Cream Power Boosting Formula 50ml

by yen***2020-06-07
Cream Cetenllian 24 really good. I had used so my skin became white, and the brown spots on my skin also fade. I will continue to support. Thank you very much


by yen***2020-06-07
My sister's skin after using greasy support, reduced. Makeup remover using cleanser to see the clean. Thanks a lot of good products

Innisfree Super Food _ Broccoli Clearing Toner

by yen***2020-06-03
My sister used to see clean sunscreen, clean skin pores shrink. White skin day by day. Thanks a lot for a good product. I will buy again in future.


by aka***2020-05-28
i got near and dear and new nude and the colors are so nice. it can be a little drying so make sure to put some lip balm before applying this.


by aka***2020-05-28
for a 3ce palette and lipstick, the price is good. i love all 3ce products so when i saw this deal, i was very excited that i put it in my cart right away.

LILYBYRED AM 9 to PM 9 Survival Color Cara

by aka***2020-05-28
i always need to use a waterproof mascara and this mascara just holds my lashes up. i got the colored ones and it give a nice light natural color.

Holika Holika Heartcrush Lipstick [Velvet]

by aka***2020-05-28
i got the creamy mocha color. and it is so pretty. it is a bit more red than i was expecting, but it is still a nice dark nude-ish color. very matte but smooth.

Holika Holika 19 S/S Nudrop Dewy Stick

by aka***2020-05-28
this color is such a nice nude color. it is really moisturizing and it has a nice feel. it isn't that long lasting because it is so moisturizing, but i really like the color.


by aka***2020-05-28
i got strawberry delight and it is a really nice bight pinky color. i like using this went i ombre my lip colors. it can be drying at times, but it's nice.

CLIO Pro Eye Palette [#04,#05]

by aka***2020-05-28
i got the rusted rose palette and it is so pretty. i really like pink shadows so it is perfect. my new go-to palette for those rosy looks.