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MISSHA Bee Pollen Renew Ampouler 40ml

by gra***2020-04-08
I highly recommend this product!!
I have very sensitive skin and I usually try new products around my neck area close to my chin and I have no trouble using this product!!
Also I have combination skin type which is very oily on t-zone and dry around chin area.
It’s really hard to find good ampoule that fits my skin type but this product provides really good hydration on my dry skin however not making oily on my t-zone


by lue***2020-03-31
The color is perfect for every day. When you want to add a natural flush to your face. The color is like a light dusty rose. I use my fingers to apply which is not the best since it’s not a creamy formula. I imagine using a good blush brush would be better. Also, I do need to re-apply after a few hours, but I don’t care - I still love it!!!


by lue***2020-03-31
Really cute because it looks like chocolate in a cute case! It's practical because it's a combination of colors that you can use on a daily basis. I think it'll be easy to carry around.

ETUDE HOUSE Oh my lash serum

by sgs***2020-03-18
been using for a month, and the results arent shocking but I definitely can see a little change in especially upper lashes, the oily type of consistency feels great and the smell is also pleasing, for this price the serum is a good product :)

Banila co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original 180ml (Large Capacity)

by sgs***2020-03-18
in love with this remover, I love oil cleansers in general and I knew this one wouldn't disappoint me. Feels very nice on the skin, the smell is amazing, soothes the skin and removes all the makeup so noting remains on the face, even more sophisticated eye makeup and so on. The capacity of 180ml seems like it's gonna serve for a long time.

Innisfree My palette my eyeshadow (matte 20~40)

by sgs***2020-03-18
the shade looks in real life just like on the pic in the description, eyeshadow is tiny and the size is great to carry in the pouch with you. I bought it because I didn't want to carry the whole eyeshadow palette with me while travelling so now I just have the most important shade with me to do daily makeup. The pigmentation doesn't disappoint either, the only thing is the fall out from the brush, other than that great product :)

ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Eyebrow

by sgs***2020-03-18
very gentle and efficient, been using it for more than a month every day and I still have more than half of the product, gives you a very smooth and soft looking eyebrows and also very precise, the brush is also convenient and nice to have along with the pencil.

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer (SPF28/PA++)

by sgs***2020-03-18
omg I love it so much, literally the best concealer I've ever used, and I've tested a lot. The colour is just like in the description, nothing much to say about it more, but the coverage is insane, it doesn't give u the mask effect which is what i was afraid of, but it makes skin look smooth and a bit matt, it covers all imperfections or undereye bags, and i use it also as a primer of brighter eyeshadows and the concealer does its work. Nothing to complain about in case of efficiency, been using the product for over a month and it doesn't look like ending which i absolutely adore.


by sgs***2020-03-18
love the product! i've got woody rose and it's just like on the picture, the reddish colour makes the lips look beautiful and fuller, it also moisturizes lips because its simply a tinted vaseline, which could be more moisturizing in my opinion and that's its only little flaw. Other than that it's cute and small, very portable to throw it into a small bag and the compact mirror makes it easier to apply on the go! Also, the colour keeps lips tinted for about 2 hours without fixing them. Would definitely recommend

Black Rouge Crystal Heart Lock Shadow

by anj***2020-03-12
The brown eyeshadow is deep and crystal one gives glass, beautiful, soft effect. Eyeshadows are creamy and soft. It is good for everyday use. I have a Coral Coffret one.

APIEU Juicy Pang Sparkling Tint

by anj***2020-03-12
I have a fig one. Tint looks beautiful, shiny but it lasts something about several hours(2/3)? Really fast turns into solo color with glitter - glassy effect don't stay long. Anyway product gives beautiful effect. Fig color is nice for everyday using.

MISSHA Color Fix Eye Primer

by anj***2020-03-12
This base isn't viscous. Isn't good for glittery eyeshadows - it loosing glass effect. Colors are brighter and deeper. Eye makeup lasts all day.

[2018 NEW] Holika Holika Jelly Dough Blusher

by anj***2020-03-12
I have a grapefruit one. Blusher is jelly and nice in application. It lasts all day. Product have little mirror and sponge. Again after long time use in blusher are little trashes. It gives really daily, soft effect.

Holika Holika Sweet Peko Edition Milky Jelly Luminizer

by anj***2020-03-12
The highlighter is creamy and soft. Smells like chocolate. Easy in everyday use. It gives glossy, healthly effect. But during long time use in product are things like little trashes.


by anj***2020-03-12
I have the throbbing one. It's nice for everyday use. Application is clear and easy. It gives glossy shine which lasts all day. Be carefull, the tip of applicator is kinda hard and sharp (ofc yes, it gives you surger's precission) but if you are careless it can be harmful for your eye. Anyway this is product with amazing effect.

[Outlet] APRILSKIN National Soap (black)

by mir***2020-03-10
Fantastic soap. With 95 % discount - you shouldn't hesitate. That's the bargain. The price is attractive, but the quality is even better.

[BEST] Its skin PRESTIGE Crème Ginseng Descargot

by mir***2020-03-10
According to my mother, this is one of the best creams she ever used. And, as I am paying only half a regular price, I am glad, too.

Guerisson 9 Complex Cream (Horse Oil,Horse Fat)

by mir***2020-03-10
First time I bought it at the airport in Seoul, for my mother. She was satisfied when she used it. So I bought it again. For much cheaper price here...

Innisfree Jeju life Perfumed Hand Cream 3EA

by mir***2020-03-10
My perfect hand cream from Korea. If I had a choice, I would opt for November variant. Perfect scent. All the variants are easily absorbed. Comfortable and pleasant choice.


by Ter***2020-03-09
I love a good lip tint/stain and this is my all-time favorite! All it takes is one coat and my lips are stained for hours. As it’s name says, this lip tint/stain has a water-like consistency. I really like that it comes with a doe foot applicator and not a brush like a lot of lip tint/stains do. It allows you to have more precision while you’re applying and it picks up much more product than a brush does. I coat my lips once, with one dip, allow the product to dry and I’m ready to go. If you’re looking for a less dramatic or more natural look, you can blot before it has completely dried and it will be a bit less intense. I don’t want to forget to mention that it smells and tastes delicious.