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[Outlet] TONYMOLY Perfect Lips Shocking Lip

by sjm***2022-08-13
I purchased Tony Moly Perfect Lips in Shocking Pink. It has a sweet juicy scent and is highly pigmented. It stains my lips a beautiful bright pink colour. I love wearing this as a gradient lip! Use a Qtip and not your fingers to blend out the lip tint.


by sjm***2022-08-13
I bought the lip tint in Drizzle Love and Cheeky Rose. I love both of them! I really like the lightweight, creamy texture of this lip tint. It’s very pigmented, with a velvety matte finish. It's not drying at all and feels super comfortable to wear. I love that it does not transfer on my cup when I drink. Excellent staying power! The sweet cinnamon scent is also very pleasant. Would buy more in all the colours.

[Outlet] Ciracle Red Spot Cream

by sjm***2022-08-13
I have adult hormonal acne that occasionally flares up and gets really bad. The pimples are very stubborn and refuse to go away during these flare ups. With this product, I am able to confidently wear makeup, try new skincare products, use masks etc without worrying about causing breakouts. This cream is such a miracle worker. Any time I see a new pimple starting to form, I put some on before I go to bed, and when I wake up in the morning the pimple is gone. Highly recommend!

[OUTLET] LA MUSE Waterfull Creme Solare

by sjm***2022-08-13
This cream works really well as a primer/base to even out skintone. It has a whitening effect, so it will leave a white cast if you use too much. It has a very moisturizing and light texture and leaves my skin looking very glowy! The SPF 50 is great as well!

[OUTLET]LA MUSE Return Blessing Visual Cream 15ml (Cushion Type)

by sjm***2022-08-13
This cushion has lighter coverage than foundation or BB/CC cream, but has a very natural look that will be excellent for daily makeup. It gives the skin a very natural, glowy finish. I love that it has SPF 50 as well!


by sjm***2022-08-13
I purchased this eyeshadow in New Wave, a muted forest green that is perfect for fall. The eyeshadow is super pigmented and there is no fallout. It applies really smoothly. The packaging is minimalistic and unique, with a mirror. The powder feels very luxurious and soft, and the pigmentation is amazing!

[OUTLET]Black Rouge Cotton Lip Color

by sjm***2022-08-13
I ordered the shade T02 Purple Sweet Potato. It doesn't look as purple as the company photos show, and looks more like a brownish brick red in person. The texture feels like icing and it feels moisturizing and comfortable on the lips. It feels very light on the lips, but transfers a lot. Blotting your lips may help. The lip tint applies very smoothly. I personally think the scent is a bit too strong, but it smells like really sweet chocolate.

[OUTLET]EGLIPS Misty Velvet tint [Barbie Edition]

by sjm***2022-08-13
I bought the color 02 strawberry fizz. The colour is very flattering on my skintone even without wearing other makeup. The packaging is really cute. It has a sweet fruity scent that I really like. The only disadvantage is that it dries out the lips a lot and emphasizes my lip lines. I would suggest applying a thick lipbalm before wearing this lip tint.

by sjm***2022-08-13
Overall, the formulation of the Clio pro contour palette is excellent. The matte shades are very pigmented and smooth without feeling chalky. The highlighter is very sparkly and will work better as an eyeshadow than on the cheeks. I love how natural the pink tones are in this palette.

by flo***2022-07-26
I was really excited to try this product. I'd heard the mugwort (natural) fragrance is quite strong in this ampoule and I was curious because I wasn't familiar with mugwort at all. As expected, it is strong, but it does in fact go away after application, which was another thing I had heard. To me it smells almost like a very sweet cinnamon candy, but it really does fade and isn't overpowering if that's a concern for you. It feels very luxurious and isn't sticky when dry. I haven't had any irritations or flare ups lately to test this on but I continue to use it and I can tell this product has beneficial long term effects. Would definitely repurchase and I'd like to get the essence as well!

HOLIKA HOLIKA Less On Skin Redness Calming Cica Sunstick

by flo***2022-07-26
This product was the least successful of my purchase, but I'm not completely unhappy with it. Being that I have tanned, brown skin, I avoid all tone up products at all costs lol, but I didn't notice this one has tone up effects when I bought it. Though I should have expected it from a physical sunscreen. Nonetheless, I have sensitive skin with rosacea and while reducing redness wasn't actually my main concern, I did want a sunscreen stick with clean and beneficial ingredients that wouldn't cause my skin to react negatively. When applied it has a nice, light, powdery feel to it. It does give me a white cast if I apply more than one layer, but if I use my fingers to blend it in, 90% of it goes away. That's a huge relief, but I'm still disappointed that I need to use my fingers at all when the main reason for me getting a stick is so I could apply sunscreen without gettings my hands dirty. I've only tried it over makeup once and it didn't transfer, which is good, but I'll probably only be using this stick for specific situations (like working at home or outdoor sports) because of the slight white cast factor.

fwee Tint Glass

by flo***2022-07-26
I watched a lot of review and swatch videos about these lip tints and was nervous about the results but I'm really happy with these! I got #1 which I knew was for cool tones (but I am definitely a deep autumn warm) and #3 which said to be very popular. At first, I was extremely disappointed to find that these tints pull out such a dark red from the ph of my lips. I have tanned/ brown skin and while my lips aren't dark, they do have brown and purple undertones to them. Usually, this results in lip products turning pink on me, but it was very much the opposite with these. Eventually, I realized I should try them with a concealer first and this made a WORLD of a difference! Using concealer or foundation may mix with the color a bit and make it look creamier rather than transparent but now the shades are exactly what they're supposed to be. #1 looks a bit too cool on me if I apply too many layers but this was to be expected and I knew I was risking it when purchasing. However, if I apply only one or two layers it's just perfect. The texture is too die for... it applies on watery at first and then melts into this serum like texture that I adore even more than the other glass-style tints I also purchased. I only give it 4 stars because I can't use them without concealer but everything else about this is amazing! The staining isn't extremely long lasting but this is actually okay with me as it means I can reapply more often without it getting too dark.

PERIPERA Ink Mood Glowy Tint

by flo***2022-07-26
First thing to know is that the shades are 100% definitely deeper than in their ad. Luckily I had watched several review videos and already expected this. However, what I didn't expect is for the tints to pull out such a dark red from the ph of my lips. I have tanned/ brown skin and while my lips aren't dark, they do have brown and purple undertones to them. Usually, this results in lip products turning pink on me, but it was very much the opposite with these. I got #1 and #3 and was extremely disappointed for a while until I realized I should try with a concealer. This made a WORLD of a difference and now I'm in loveee with these tints! Using concealer or foundation may mix with the color a bit and make it look creamier rather than transparent but now the shades are exactly what they're supposed to be. I'd read that shades #1-#3 are for warm tones and I agree that they suit my skin tone very well. I only give it 4 stars because I can't use them without concealer but everything else about this is amazing! It feels like a serum on your lips with staining that lasts a long time

by flo***2022-07-26
I'm really enjoying this lip gloss! It's hard to find clear glosses that aren't "volumizing" and therefore smell and taske like mint. This gloss is simple and has no fragrance. It is quite thick so naturally it's a bit sticky, but it's still not like most annoying glosses I've worn. You won't need to use much if you just want subtle shine.. or you can apply it thickly and your lips will literally look like heavenly, melty, dripping glass!

NATURE REPUBLIC Green Derma Tea Tree Cica Spot Serum

by flo***2022-07-26
I've used this several times since purchasing and while I'm still testing it, I think it does work pretty well. The texture is like a watery gel and my only complaint is that it doesn't seem to absorb very well when you apply it. It keeps slipping and sliding as you try to rub it in so eventually I just leave it and let it dry. Nevertheless, it seems to still do its job because it's been working for me so far. This also means you don't need much product so it should last a good while. I love the smell! It has an herbal, almost medicinal type fragrance (naturally, there's no fragrance added) which definitely makes me think it's doing great things to heal my skin :)


by flo***2022-07-26
I needed a toner in my routine and saw great reviews of this one. My skin is sensitive, combination and with rosacea. I haven't used the face mask yet but the toner is to die for! I was so surprised by the texture of it when I first used it... it's hard to explain, but it's not super watery nor is it too gel-like. It's so dreamy I just want to keep applying layer upon layer upon layer. But I only have a mini size of 40ml/ 1.3 oz!!! ㅠㅠ I'll have to make it last until I get a full size bottle but I'd definitely repurchase! It's very soothing and easy on the skin.

TWINKLE POP Glittering Eye Stick

by flo***2022-07-26
I love this eye stick! I use it mostly under my eyes to make them pop a little more and while it is quite shimmery I feel that it's still soft and not overpowering. I got the shade Fair Me and was hoping it wouldn't be too light for my brown skin tone. In the end, I think it's the perfect neutral shade that goes well with most makeup looks and it suits my skin tone quite well. I'm very happy with it and I'll probably be purchasing it again.

Glint Stick High Lighter

by flo***2022-07-26
I absolutely LOVE this highlighter! I saw this on Minsco's youtube videos and later on Jeyu's channel as well. It performs exactly as I hoped it would. It gives you such a beautiful transparent, glowy, watery shine with highlights that aren't too strong... which also allows you to use it liberally if you'd like. It's just a bit sticky on the skin but it's not as thick as Glossier's haloscope and it hasn't broken me out which is a big plus. If the shine is too much for your taste, you can also use a beauty sponge to tone it down and then it's much more subtle. I was surprised at how small it is when I got it, but judging by the quality of this highlighter I think it will last a long time even with frequent usage. (FYI I bought Dewy Moon, I have tanned brown skin and it blends in perfectly with my skin tone)

[NEW COLOR] CLIO Pro Eye Palette

by xox***2022-07-04
Pretty Color and reasonable price!!

HOLIKA HOLIKA Good Cera Super Ceramide Lip Oil Balm

by ssk***2022-07-04
Goog quality and Fast delivery!
Thank you!