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Must read ▷ who use K-Packet (It takes more than a month to ship.)
  • 작성자 : 김서현
  • 작성일 : 2020-11-06 17:07:26
▷ To customers who use  K-Packet ◁

As the cheapest delivery service,
there is a risk of losing it because the delivery person leaves it in the mailbox of the address.
Please think carefully and use it.

[The current delivery time for K-Packet]
The K-Packet service for most countries are being delayed than usual.
→ It takes more than a month(30~45days). It's been delayed a lot.

Many customers ask why the order is not moving or updated. But, we clearly informed the notice.

It usually takes about a month to deliver, but now it's significantly slower because of the corona(COVID-19).
It takes much more time than a month. That's why it can't update the delivery quickly.

(K-Packet is a time-consuming delivery method since the shipping cost is very low. For faster delivery, please use DHL)

If you wait patiently, the delivery will proceed normally.
Thank you
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